Check out our new book – Women Writing Their Futures!

In our WIND workshops at Cook County Jail and a local transition home, system-
impacted women have shared their thoughts, feelings, recollections and dreams. Their writing
provides a window to each woman’s individuality and shows how, by getting to know each
other, we can all broaden our understanding of each other and cross societal divides.

Our first anthology of the women’s writing – Women Writing Their Futures –
showcases these powerful voices, highlights the women’s determination to
succeed, and demonstrates their capacity to inspire others. Altogether, the book
also shows how creative expression helps women heal from past traumas,
reconnect with joy and faith, practice forgiveness, and define a healthier future.

We are happy to share this book for free to system-impacted women and offer them to WIND supporters for a small donation. If you would like a book, please send an email to us ( and we will notify you when a book is ready! We can ship these books directly to you or, if you prefer, we can send you the PDF version of the book.

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