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Thank you for helping WIND to create a new future for women who have a history of incarceration. Your donation means that WIND can continue providing support to these women, which can ultimately change their families and communities for the better. WIND is a 501(C)3 non-profit organization.  Your donations to WIND are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law.

If you’d like to help us eliminate our processing fees, please consider sending us a check or making your donation through Zelle, a free and easy way to send money between bank accounts.

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To make a gift through your Donor Advised Fund or bank transfer, please contact Lisa R. D’Angelo at

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Recurring Donation Levels

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Other Ways To Give

  • We love personal checks!  Then 100% of your donation goes to supporting our mission instead of paying processing fees. MAILING ADDRESS: WIND, PO Box 8101, Evanston, IL 60204.
  • Online Payments: You may donate through Zelle, a free and easy payment system that enables you to send money directly between bank accounts using your bank’s mobile app or online banking site.  If you are currently using Chase QuickPay or something similar under your own bank, this is the Zelle system. Use Recipient’s Name: Women Initiating New Directions and Email:

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Thank you for creating a new life path for our women!