WIND Programs and Services

WIND offers programs and services to women in Chicagoland who have been or are currently impacted by the criminal justice system. These women reside in transition homes in the greater Chicago area, are held in Cook County Jail, or live in at-risk communities. They seek job skills, life skills and emotional and financial stability.

Our programs were created by a team with a wide variety of skill sets: design innovation; university teaching; homeless agency management; adult education; and marketing, finance and development experience. This breadth enabled us to create a totally unique curriculum.

Program content balances practical topics such as interviewing skills, job training and money management with creative problem-solving from the field of design and self-empowerment based on expressive writing. Workshop participants use these new skills to prepare for successful independent living and to avoid recidivism.

WIND's writing session led by Essie Taylor, educator and a participant.

WIND offers three types of programs to meet women where they are in their journey.

  1. In-Person Learning: At a transition home for women on Chicago’s west side and in communities throughout the city and its environs.

  2. Remote Learning: At The Cook County Department of Corrections (CCDOC) Women’s Jail.

  3. Bridge Program: At various partner organizations in Chicago.