Reflecting on my Internship at WIND

By Brooke Williams —

This summer, I had the privilege of collaborating with WIND as part of Northwestern’s Engage Chicago program. Engage Chicago stands as a unique summer avenue, offering an opportunity to deeply explore and understand the city through the lens of civic engagement. During my time with WIND, I was fortunate to work under the guidance of two WIND board members who are very active in programming.  These two individuals whose unwavering dedication to their roles transformed this experience into something truly remarkable.

Within the capacity of my internship, I was entrusted with a crucial task – transcribing written pieces originating from WIND’s Writing For Empowerment program. Writing, being an inherently intimate form of expression, provides a distinct portal into an individual’s thoughts, a channel through which vulnerability, both creative and introspective, finds its voice. In this role, I was granted the privilege of engaging with profoundly impactful compositions crafted by women in Cook County Jail whose voices and innermost reflections have often remained unheard. Additionally I was able to transcribe work from women in a transitional home on Chicago’s near west side.

My time spent with WIND underscores a compelling imperative – the necessity for greater resources and support to fortify the facilitators and the women they serve along their transformative journeys of healing and empowerment. The narratives of these women stand as poignant testaments to their indomitable resilience. However, they also illuminate the dire need for a compassionate and comprehensive approach to address the intricate web of trauma and incarceration-related challenges. WIND’s hands-on methodology, while undeniably impactful, accentuates the vital importance of acknowledging the hurdles and advocating for amplified support, ensuring a sustainable and life-altering influence in the lives of these women. As I continue my studies I will hold this experience and the words of the women with me always.



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